The Cooking Historian Reinvented

Paska: Preparation and Celebration

The following article is per my wife’s request – I figured that I may as well give in as she represents about 1/5 of my readership (maybe/maybe not counting myself)! As a note (my blog version of the dissertation disclaimer... Continue Reading →

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An Introduction: The Cook Reinvented

Your humble narrator explains how he got here from "doing history," to "a life on the line"...

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How Much: Part Three – Eating Food that Doesn’t Suck!

[Slightly disturbing image of Rocko the Wallaby gnawing on a foot courtesy of Nickelodeon, and] This is a longer one, but stick with me. I’ve rewritten this about three times now, which is why it’s taken me a little... Continue Reading →

How Much? Part Two: Rethinking Diets

Image of the proper portion of pancakes to eat to maintain immobility courtesy of: After a few months and a couple of lulls (the holidays are kryptonite for workout routines), not to mention bouts of IBS (see that fun article... Continue Reading →

How Much? Part One: The Narrator Gets Into Shape

(As I own no rights to the Spongebob image above, I hope that the fine people at Nickelodeon Studios don't mind me using a .jpg that is literally all over the internet. Thank you for years of childhood entertainment.) Preface:... Continue Reading →

The Cook Struggles: Cooking, Eating, and Thinking Critically with IBS

[Greatest image ever courtesy of] Stomach issues are a pain in the ass…See what I did there? I’m here all week, everyone. About a year or so after graduating college, I noticed that food wasn’t quite digesting quite as well... Continue Reading →


It’s been a tricky couple of weeks. Shortly after my last post, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, defeating the New England Patriots, and thereby ending one of the longest “championship-less” streaks in football history. It was a nail-biting... Continue Reading →

The Pig Chronicles, Part 3: The Return of the Pig, Revenge of the Swine, Oinkin’ 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Now that my management paper for my MBA is complete, enjoy the thrilling conclusion to the tale of the pig roast! Somehow, we managed to haul all of the pig back to Pennsylvania with very little mess. I did, unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

The Pig Chronicles, Part II: Eric Procures and Butchers a Pig (Adventures in the TDZ)

The author finally gets his pig and butchers it on arguably the hottest September day in recent memory...

The Pig Chronicles, Part I: An Introduction

The author chronicles a recent pig roast, including the buying, butchering, and cooking of said pig.

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