The Cooking Historian Reinvented

An Introduction: The Cook Reinvented

Your humble narrator explains how he got here from "doing history," to "a life on the line"...

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Thanksgiving Prep, Part 1 of ∞ (Infinity)

(Image Courtesy of: Forgive me, anyone who was loyally reading this. Writing has been a bear recently - I have been sick for the last week, busy at work for the last several, and hesitant to dare to write anything non-political. Hopefully, the... Continue Reading →

Bacon: Broaden Your Horizons

Discussing the joy of bacon, and the many glorious things you can do with it...

Consider the Motherland: An Intro to Slavic Food (Part 1)

Talking about Russia, Slavic Food, and a while lot about my heritage

Work in Progress! Coming Soon!

Don't worry, oh loyal readers, I have not abandoned this blog so soon. My writing is simply scatterbrained and generally requires a few rounds of editing! There are at least a few pieces coming up shortly. Just as a preview... Continue Reading →

Embrace the Season: Braising

It's getting cold what to cook?! How about some one-pot deliciousness?

Foundations: The Legacy of Escoffier

In which I explore the importance of Georges-Auguste Escoffier, the father and codifier of classical French cuisine.

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